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I think the image of Harley here while Catwoman says that is so moving. I love the imagery they used to show you how their love for their men is similar, in more than one issue.

Cause thats how I have always felt about Harley. Shes not the Jokers puppet, a toy maybe. Or his creation, a side effect of manipulation, yes. Shes not some idiot who just goes back cause she thinks he’s the best shes got. She goes back because she truly loves him and wants to be there for him, even if that usually means pain.

She does the things she does because she wants to do them….And that’s how I’ve always tried to live my life.

….short of when I really feel like hauling off and just ripping everyone to shreds with my bare hands…. Or robbing the bank cause who couldnt use more $$….

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